Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Joining

Never one to be original, I've decided to follow the trail blazed by Collin & Derek and start doing stuff for Illustration Friday. The problem is that I'm not an artist like they are. What I have been doing recently, though, is making cards. So I've decided that I will make a card for the IF topic each week, giving me some much needed practice.

This week's topic is Under the Sea, which of course makes me think of Ariel. Being a Little Mermaid fanatic, I have plenty of Ariel stuff to make a card with. This is what I came up with:

I just bought the star-shaped brads and was thrilled to see that they really added something to the overall look of the card. The purple squares between the silver & blue are actually cut from Post-It notes - - the shade matched better than any other purple paper I had.

Also, since I really didn't draw anything on that card, here's an actual drawing I did of Ariel.

It was done on my leg one night while I was bored and had a surplus of gel pens lying around. On the right you can barely see the picture I was copying from.

So there we have my first ever IF attempt. Comments are welcome & appreciated.


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