Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Bowl Full of Random

Okay, maybe not a whole bowlful...how about 2 short stories? Sound good? Cool....

Story #1: Friday night I had a dream that I was at work but I had just clocked out and was in the library portion of the building. This is how you can tell it's a dream - this place would benefit greatly from a library like the one in my dream. It was huge - - I've dreamed of this place before - - two or three stories of mahagony shelves filled with books and a round check-out desk...anyway, back to the story...I was in the library with Collin and his son Justin and we knew that Queen Elizabeth II was on her way to visit. Justin went to open the door for her and I yelled to him to remember to bow to her. Then I told Collin the same thing. I was so concerned about protocol and didn't want to offend the Queen!! She came sweeping in with an assoiciate, a guy in a fancy suit, and I kept telling myself that I had to curtsy but she never looked at me so I didn't. Then suddenly she glanced over at me and I waved like a loon. No curtsy, just a Gir-like crazy wave. Collin leaned over and whispered, "Yeah, that's winning points." Surprisingly, the Queen thought I was "refreshing" and decided she liked me. She told me I could call her "Lizzie".

Story #2: I started a book last night by Mark T Sullivan called Labyrinth. I really like his books and was excited to get cracking on this one. It's very intense and as it's set inside an underground cave system, it's scary as all hell to me since I'm terrified of close spaces, i.e. caves. A group of escaped convicts take a guy and his daughter hostage and force the guy to maneuver them through the cave system to find a moon rock that could change the world so there's a ton of tension. I'm reading along, all into it, and suddenly I see pencil marks in the book. I got this book at the library and it looks like maybe an english teacher got a hold of it and made "corrections". The original line was "'Don't talk Dad,' Cricket said. 'You bit your tongue bad.'" The teacher wrote in an "ly" after "bad." Then Cricket tells her father to "lay down" and it's changed to "lie" and then she's thinking to herself, "Seeing her father like this scared her worse than anything that had happened so far." The teacher changed "worse" to "more". My thoughts on this are twofold. Number one, THIS IS A LIBRARY BOOK!! YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SCRIBBLE IN IT, NONETHELESS TREAT IT LIKE A STUDENT PAPERR YOU CAN CORRECT!!!! Number two, the girl in the book is 14. She is under an extreme amount of stress, and I highly doubt that correct grammar is high on her list of priorities at this point. I think the author knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote this. I wish I could find out who did this and pop them on the hand with a ruler!


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