Friday, June 09, 2006

Let's Talk About ME!! And A Tater...

Why not? I found all these pictures while I was digging through a box of them and thought, hey! Why not share? :)

1990...I loved that sweater. It was the only turtleneck I ever wore. It had real leather strips on it that made it cool! Totally 80's LA Gear shoes with two-toned shoelaces.

1993...I like my hair but can you see that giant-ass bow in my hair??? It looks like there was a party (probably for me, this was January) judging by the balloon plates on the kitchen table.

Shanon & I being cool on graduation day 1989!

Me on Halloween 1995 at Fargo's. I decided on comfort when I chose this costume - pajamas, braids and a teddy bear.

I went a little more "out" in '96 - that's Christina as a dead chick & myself as a scary dead chick. You can't see them but I took plastic spider rings and stuck them in my hair and then I had my rubber snake Damien around my neck. I was on hand out that day at Fargos and there were a lot of people who wouldn't take their pizzas from me because they were either scared of snakes, spiders or both!

This is on the way to Greeley - The Platteville Potato Associtaion. I don't know why that stikes me as hilarious but it does. Just imagining what the association does with potatoes...and it has to be said with the redneck accent. It just HAS to be.

Well, that's about it. Have yourselves a mag weekend!!


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