Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Baloney In My Slacks

Yesterday was a wonderful day. With one exception. Since it's always better to leave off on good news, I'll start with the bad.

My computer moniter burned out yesterday morning. Let us take a moment of silence...


Thank you. I was happily, dare I say giddily, working on the data entry part of genealogy which is a chore that I love so very, very much when I noticed the washer was done. While I was working on the laundry (which is a chore that I do NOT love), I realized I could smell something burning. My first thought was the air conditioning. Since I was right underneath the mechanics of that, I sniffed upwards. No burning. I looked out towards the dining room and OH MY GOD! My poor little monitor...the sides of the display had caved in so there was a small stripe of the screen I had been working on and the inside edges were brown like someone had taken a match to it. And it smelled like burnt popcorn. The fact that until I get a new one means I have more room on my desk is a small consolation.

But now to the good stuff. Season 1 of Animaniacs came out Tuesday and Collin picked it up. I loved Animaniacs when it was on the air - so much so that I remember Derek & I would record the show every day and then when we had a whole tape, we recorded the audio of certain funny lines & songs onto a cassette that we could listen to in the car. But I haven't seen it for years. Would the funny still hold up? Turns out it does. We watched the first 4 episodes last night and I laughed my head off. Dot calling Albert Einstein "silly mustasche man" and Brain telling Pinky "I am not devoid of humor" were just a couple highlights. Yakko's World where he sings the name of every country (and one that doesn't exist anymore) brought me untold joy - - I was singing right along with him!! The only drawback was the video is bouncy sometimes but the fun...a perfect 10!

And then...oh, like things couldn't get any better?? Galaga became available on XBox Live's Marketplace. Now I'm not a big gamer - you can tell by my gamer tag on the sidebar - but I love Galaga. I started playing it because that was the game Matthew Broderick played in War Games and I became addicted. So when it showed up yesterday for download, Collin didn't even bother with the demo, just downloaded the real thing right away. Just the little "deeduhlee" when the game starts was enough to send my Joy meter sky-high. He literally had to send his 6 year old in to tell me to come eat, I was so into playing it.

So, all in all, Wednesday was a good day!!


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