Tuesday, August 01, 2006


That title would have worked better if I had read all these books in January but...with the exception of the short story anthology, the only 2 authors this month that I read were Nora Roberts/JD Robb & JA Jance. Once you find a good series, it's hard to quit.

63. Time and Again - Nora Roberts
64. Remember When - Nora Roberts & JD Robb
65. Ceremony In Death - JD Robb
66. Vengeance In Death - JD Robb
67. Midnight In Death - JD Robb
68. Once Upon A Star - A collection of short stories:
-Ever After - Nora Roberts
- Catch A Falling Star - Jill Gregory
- The Curse of Castle Clough - Ruth Ryan Langan
- Starry, Starry Night - Marianne Willman
69. Desert Heat - JA Jance
70. Outlaw Mountain - JA Jance
71. Exit Wounds - JA Jance
72. Tombstone Courage - JA Jance
73. Dead To Rights - JA Jance
74. Rattlesnake Crossing - JA Jance
75. Holiday In Death - JD Robb
76. Gabriel's Angel - Nora Roberts

The Book of the Month went to Desert Heat by JA Jance. It was the first in the Joanna Brady series and it was so good that I finished it in 5 hours. I couldn't put it down! Really close on it's heels, though, was Ceremony In Death by JD Robb. When you mix murder with witchcraft, it's all the more fun!

Next month will probably be more of the same authors. I just got 8 more JD Robb books plus I have a stack of Jance's that Shanon let me borrow. I'm definately not hurting for reading material!! :-)

Aaaand - Kathleen posted a link to this guy's site and I checked him out...you should do the same. He's pretty funny - kind of a Collin-esque style of funny.


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