Monday, September 18, 2006

Animal Alert!

As per my usual routine, I went shopping with Shanon & Elena on Thursday. Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. We had different things in mind to look at so for a while we ended up going our seperate ways in the store. I took Elena in the cart and she kept me entertained the whole time!

She has a Leap Frog-type game that she plays for hours on end, according to her mother, but this day she didn't have it with her. She compensated for it, however, by reciting the whole game while we shopped. Word for word, she played the game out while we rolled through the store.

"Ten more points to go and you win this animal."

"Where does the Arctic Fox live? That's right!"

My favorite, though, was, "ANIMAL ALERT! ANIMAL ALERT! There's a monkey in the Arctic. Help him find his way home. Where does he belong?"

Sometimes, she'd look at me and say, "A polar bear lives in the Arctic. Or no?"

"No," I'd answer.

"You're right!!!!"

She asked me what animal from the Arctic I'd like to be. I picked penguin. She told me to try again. "But I want to be a penguin! How come I can't be a penguin?" Shanon informed me that the game only focuses on 5 animals from each region and a penguin was, shockingly, not one of them. So I had to settle for being a polar bear.

When they dropped me off at home, Elena hollered, "Bye, Penguin!!"


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