Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hot August Nights With A Twist of Death

We got unbelievably slammed at work last month which severely hampered my reading schedule. It actually took me 2 weeks to finish one book. That's bad for me! Really, really bad! Here's the short list:

77. Conspiracy In Death

78. Loyalty In Death

79. Witness In Death

80. Judgment In Death

81. Betrayal In Death

82. Seduction In Death

All books by J.D. Robb. The selection of the month went to Judgment In Death - picking which one of those books was better than the rest is like picking a favorite Badfinger song! Bah!

On a food note - we took our usual IHOP trek tonight. Our waitress was a new girl who had just transferred from Texas and her accent was really thick. It took all my willpower not to start talking with an accent as well. I pick those up so easily!

The waitress who gave us the free apple pie came over to talk to us a bit and said she wished they didn't have to alternate customers so that she could wait on us. By the time the check came, we were wishing that as well. The new girl, Jenny, gave us no kind of discount at all! When we decided we wanted apple pie, I went and found Shiela, the Free Food Waitress, and asked her if she could get it for us. Once again, she gave it to us for no charge. As we were leaving, I slipped her a five for the free stuff. She then told us that tonight was her last night and that she was moving to an IHOP on North Academy which is about as far away from us as she could get. She asked us to come visit her so we might some morning.

Just when we get them trained they leave. :-(

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!!


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