Monday, September 11, 2006

A Nothing Kind of Monday

Not a lot happening that's blog-worthy. Collin & I spent the whole weekend moving. We had the U-Haul on Friday and with the much-appreciated help of his Mom and step-dad, we got all the big heavy stuff moved. Now it's just cleaning the apartments and finding a place for everything in the house. Great fun for us!

Don't know what the heck was wrong with the Broncos yesterday. The announcers kept saying that "the rookie's not ready yet" when faced with Plummer's abysmal playing but my thought process is if Jake's going to play like a rookie and throw 3 int's, including one to Rod Smith while he's triple teamed then maybe we should put the real rookie in and see what he can do - can't be any worse than Jake.

See? Really not much to talk about. Hope all of you had a fine weekend!


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