Saturday, December 23, 2006

Card Dilemma

Because of the State of Emergency blizzard that our town was hindered by this past week, our mail system shut down for 2 days. When we finally got mail yesterday, there was a ton of it - including a handful of Christmas cards.

The first one I opened was from my Uncle Ray and his family. It was a picture card that had a nice photo of Ray, Mary Beth and their daughters Mandy & Amy. It was a great picture of all them. I turned it over and over once more but they hadn't signed it. I told Collin, who was opening up a card of his own, "I'm glad I know what they look like cuz they didn't sign it."

"You think that's bad, there's nothing on this card at all." Sure enough, Collin had gotten a card addressed to him with no return address on the envelope and no signature in the card. We think it might be from Charlie, the guy who helped Collin finance for the new house but we don't know. It's a mystery.

Then we got a card that wasn't even for us. It was for a couple who used to live at that address.

THEN!! Collin got a letter from Saturn saying "Thank you" for buying a car and here's a sticker to put on your windshield that will get you maintenance discounts at the service center. Guess what? There was no sticker. CRAZY!

Hope you all have a great and safe Christmas!!


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