Friday, December 01, 2006

Family Friday

This post is done especially for my cousin Shirley in Maryland who wanted to see some family pics! Here we go - enjoy!!

Here's my brother Derek...he usually has his mouth wide open so this is a rare shot.

This is Jordyn, Collin's 6 year old daughter after she lost her front tooth a couple months ago.

Derek's wife Heather, aka Squatchy aka Squishy

Collin's 13 year old son Justin after a hard day at school.

Here's Collin - so cute, huh? :-)

My dad - aka BigFryPapa. This is my favorite picture of him!

My mom Karen - I'm her clone.

And here's me and my boy Sam. You can't see me too good - there's a reason for that. Sam's MUCH cuter, trust me!

Have a great weekend


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