Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

With the end of the year comes the last book post of 2006:

102. Taking The Fifth - J.A. Jance
103. Night Shift/ Night Shadows - Nora Roberts
104. Improbable Cause - J.A. Jance
105. A More Perfect Union - J.A. Jance
106. Dismissed With Prejudice - J.A. Jance
107. Minor In Posession - J.A. Jance
108. Payment In Kind - J.A. Jance
109. Without Due Process - J.A. Jance
110. The Dirt - Motley Crue w/ Neil Strauss
111. Failure To Appear - J.A. Jance

So. My book total for 2006 was 111. Enh. I can do better, I think.

The book of the month is also going to be the Book Of The Year - drum roll, please....


The Dirt - Motley Crue.

This was the definitive Motley Crue biography and it was awesome! I loved that it wasn't just some author telling the stories, it was actually the guys. Each guy would write a chapter and it was fun seeing how their stories interwove with each others. You really get the feeling you know them after you read it. Tommy Lee is so funny and just a hopeless romantic underneath all his tattoos, Nikki Sixx is just a nerd in leather who had a horrible family life growing up, Mick Mars is a quiet, introspective, funny guy who you end up feeling sorry for (medical problems and women screwing him over left & right) and Vince Neil...well, he's exactly what I expected: pretty much self-involved except when it comes to his kids. It was so sad reading about when his little girl died from cancer.

Katherine by Anya Seton was in the lead for Book of the Year until a girl at work told me I had to read The Dirt. Now I'm obsessed with Motley Crue, thank you!

I hope all of you out there have a fun, safe & Motley New Year!! :-)


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