Monday, December 04, 2006

Hitting the 100 Mark!

Despite the fact that I had to train someone at work, I finally read the 100th book of the year last month! Yay! My resolution to read 200 books fell way way way by the wayside - I would have to be reading continuously to hit that mark! We'll see - maybe 2007 will be the year. Anyway, without further ado, here is the list for November:

96. Memory In Death - JD Robb
97. Katherine - Anya Seton
98. The Lives Of The Kings & Queens Of England - Edited by Antonia Fraser
99. Until Proven Guilty - JA Jance
100. Injustice For All - JA Jance
101. Trial By Fury - JA Jance

Shanon let me borrow a bag of JA Jance books a few months ago and while I read all of the Joanna Brady books she had, I hadn't yet started on the JP Beaumont series. She had been telling me how much better JP was than Joanna and I believe her. Both series are good but I really like Beau. He's pretty cool.

But! The Book of the Month goes to Katherine by Anya Seton. It was a masterpiece of romance and history woven together to make a book that completely transported me to the 14th century, based on the real-life romance between Katherine Roet Swynford and John of Gaunt (my 19th great grandparents if you believe what you find online!!). One section was about Katherine and her pilgramage and how she was forsaking everything but God - - it was so powerfully written that I cried the whole way through that part and actually felt like I was her, that I needed to repent and give up my heathen ways! :-) It was a wonderful book, one of the best I'd read since Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.

Maybe next year, I'll copy Kathleen and also post the movies I watch every month!


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