Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nightmare Bears

Much like Collin not wanting to post about his son taking a header into the sliding glass door, I initially wasn't going to post about this. But I have to- I have to share the laughter with everyone!

I went to breakfast with my Dad Wednesday morning and he told me a story about Mom that had me laughing throughout the meal. I couldn't stop. After we ate, we went to Mom's store and as she was walking the store with me, dispensing Christmas gift ideas, I asked her to tell me the story in her words. She looked a tinch downcast as she said, "Oh. You heard the story." She proceeded, however, to fill me in. Here it is - you'll laugh, trust me...

Mom had gotten an email the day before from her boss about some jewelry armoires that were supposed to be all cherry wood but some stores had gotten them with oak legs. He wanted all stores to check their inventory of the armoires to make sure their's didn't have mismatched legs. Now, with Christmas almost upon us, Mom's warehouse is stacked to the gills. And of course the box she needed was on the top ledge, surrounded by other boxes. But being the dilligent and dedicated manager that she is, Mom grabbed a ladder and climbed her way over the boxes to where she needed to be.

Her armoires were fine - they all matched. Crisis averted. She started climbing back towards her ladder...she only had one more box to get over but it was a big one: taller than her and wide. She stepped on it and it gave way. In she went - - and from here on, I'm telling the story in her words: "It was full of teddy bears! Full!! Bears on all sides of me. And I couldn't get out! I would try to pull myself out and the bears would suck me back in!! And then I started to lose my shoes and so I was concentrating on keeping my shoes on! I didn't want my shoes lost in a box of bears!! So I'm struggling and struggling and I'm getting sucked in deeper and deeper...finally Rebekah (who I told, 'don't forget I'm back here. If you don't see me, something might have happened. Come check on me!') came back since I'd been gone so long and when she saw me struggling she just started laughing! But she helped me out! And I'll tell you - when I got out of there, I was so shaky...just weak and wasted!!"

The picture in my head of my poor mother trapped in a box of teddy bears is too funny! I'm just glad she got out all right!


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