Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wizards of Winter

What's worse that having to work on Christmas?

Getting laid off 2 weeks before Christmas. No, I wasn't, thank God! But a whole bunch of people where I work sure did. It was a huge surprise...we usually hear rumors long before a lay off takes place but this one caught everyone by surprise. I don't know the exact number - but there were quite a few. And to make matters worse - - the new CEO that came in to do the lay-offs....he came & went in a limo. Yeah. Merry Freakin' Christmas!

But!!! On a happier, more Christmasy note - - -

Mom, as part of our Christmas gift, took Collin, Derek, Squatchy & I to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert last night. Dad was supposed to go as well but he had a homeowners board meeting that he couldn't get out of so a friend of ours, Trina, went with us.

This was the 3rd time Mom & I had seen TSO. It was Derek & Squatchy's 2nd. Trina & Collin, however, were TSO Virgins. There's nothing like seeing these guys for the first time. They are truly mind-blowing. It's so fun to watch people who have never seen them before react to the music and the light show.

In case you don't know, Trans-Siberian Orchestra was formed by a couple former members of heavy metal band Savatage. The fact that these guys combine a metal sound with classical & Christmas music is awesome. It's the coolest sound ever!! They go from playing Carmina Burana to rocking out on Layla. Then, they start a Beethoven song and the guitar player smiles at the crowd before playing the intro to a Yes tune that mixes perfectly with good old Ludwig.

I can't explain how incredible this band is. You have to see them for yourselves. They will give you back your Christmas Spirit in spades!!!


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