Monday, March 12, 2007

A New Job

No...I didn't actually get a new job. It's more like a side project like Arcadia was to Duran Duran. I am now the new secretary for the Homeowner's Association where I live!

My dad, who is on the Homeowner's Board, called me up a couple weeks ago at work and asked if I'd like to be the new secretary. "All you have to do is show up, record the meeting, take notes and type up the minutes. Plus you get paid $50." OKAY! It sounded like everything I like to do with the exception of meeting new people so I said yes.

Last week I went over to the HOA president's house to go over my duties as secretary. There's actually a LOT more to it than what Dad told me!

-Attend the meeting & pre-meeting.
-Record the meeting.
-Take notes.
-Type up the minutes.
-Make 170 copies of the minutes.
-Distribute minutes to EVERY HOUSE in the complex.
-Type up & distribute the agenda before the meeting.
-Work on ballots for elections in Nov.

That's just a taste. Luckily, the meetings are only once a month and I get keys to the office and filing cabinet. The best part? They upped the pay to $75/month! Whoo! I'm nervous but excited.

And, don't forget to check out The Sweet Escape. Christina posted her first ever blog post last night! Feedback is always appreciated! Have a great Monday!

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