Monday, March 05, 2007

Taking A Page From Derek

On the year anniversary of my Grandpa Widegren's death, I wanted to post something in memorial to him but I don't want it to be sad. Yes, I miss him terribly...his dry humor, his hugs...but I like Derek's idea of posting something that will bring a smile instead of tears.

About 11 years ago, my ex & I went to Grand Junction to visit my grandparents. They live in what is considered the country and have a drainage ditch running the length of their front yard. On the afternoon that we arrived we were sitting in the kitchen talking and Grandma looked out the window and noticed they had a multitude of weeds growing up from the ditch. She mentioned that they needed to be cut down.

Grandpa, in a fiesty mood and probably not up to cutting the weeds down, looked out the window and said, "Well...they're green. What's the matter, Marjorie? Doncha like green?" It was said with such a straight face that she merely gave him The Look while I laughed. That has become my standard answer now for anything pertaining to weeds.

I miss you, Grandpa.


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