Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh, The Fun We Have At IHOP

Wednesday morning Prescilla went on our usual jaunt to IHOP. This week we were placed in the same area as a group of 3 people, one large man with a booming voice and 2 women. You couldn't help but hear the guy but at first it didn't matter. Pretty soon, though...and keep in mind, I'm talking BOOMING voice - you could have heard outside on the patio!

Man: She went to bed and I stayed up watching TV. Pretty soon she's at the top of the stairs yelling, "You coming to bed any mother fuckin' time soon?

Me: Oh, boy... (Prescilla's eyes just widened)

Man: And she keeps going, "God damn it son of a bitch...."

Me: All he hasn't said is shit...

Man: And then the next day I find out she went through my shit...

Me: Oh! There it is!

Man: ...So I made her leave and she got pissed at me for not letting her back in. Hell, all I wanted was a piece of ass...

Me: Did he just say 'All I wanted was a piece of ass?'

Prescilla: Yep.

And it kept up in a steady stream of cuss words - it was crazy!! People from across the restuarant were getting up to see who this man was. Why can't we be allowed to just enjoy our chicken tenders in peace?

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