Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Such A Slacker

At least in the reading department. Apparently 2007 is not the Year of the Book! Here's the whopping 3 titles I read in March:

6. Night Shield/Night Smoke - Nora Roberts
7. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson-Burnett
8. Night Shield/Night Moves - Nora Roberts

The Book of the Month is The Secret Garden. I remember Mrs. Kynor reading it to the class in 3rd grade but she never finished it. So I checked it out from the library. And I never finished it. So I bought it about 10 years ago. And I finally read it. I loved it! Yes, it's a young adult book but it's such a great story! It completely stands the test of time.

And now on to something I did much better with: Movies!

27. The Private Eyes - an old comedy with Don Knotts & Tim Conway. It didn't quite hold up over time.
28. My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Loved it!!!
29. Beerfest - Finally got this one finished. Very funny.
30. School For Scoundrels - enh. It had potential but didn't follow through.
31. Back To The Future - This one never gets old.
32. Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead - Depressing but good.
33. Robin Hood - The Disney version - I know every word of this movie!
34. Bullit - Finally! God, Steve McQueen was pretty!!
35. The Lavender Hill Mob - an oldie but goodie with Sir Alec Guiness.
36. Marathon Man - Ooo! This was SO good! My parents have been telling me for years to watch this one!
37. The Departed - I totally see why this was named Best Picture. It was excellent. I'm a total Leonardo believer now!
38. Miami Blues - This movie threw me cuz Alec Baldwin was so young & skinny he looked like David Arquette and I spent the whole movie reminding myself who I was watching!
39. Back To The Future II - I love this trilogy!
40. Walk The Line - My new favorite movie! Seriosuly. Joaquin Phoenix was robbed when he didn't win for Best Actor.
41. Life Or Something Like It - Angelina Jolie looking like Marilyn Monroe - pretty cool.
42. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants - very cute!

So, once again we have a tie for Movie of the Month - The Departed and Walk The Line. I loved Walk The Line so much I watched it two nights in a row and then watched the ending again because I could.


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