Tuesday, May 01, 2007


My dog is afraid of thunder.

Apparently, many dogs are and mine is no exception. I was sleeping today (since I worked last night and tonight) and we had a thunderstorm roll in. The thunder woke me up and as I was laying there, trying to get back to sleep, I heard Carson whine. I rolled over and looked...there he was on the bedroom floor. "What are you doing down there? Come here." He jumped right up on the bed and plastered his fuzzy body to mine. He never left my side, even after I fell asleep again.

When I got up for good, he was still stuck to my side. I asked Jordyn to take him downstairs and see if he needed to go outside but he wouldn't leave me. I had to go downstairs halfway until he went down then I doubled back to get ready for work. When I turned around, though, there he was, looking at me with the big puppy dog eyes. He never left my side until I took him outside.

It was kinda cool, though, that I'm the one he wants to comfort him! Aww!


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