Sunday, May 06, 2007

House of Cards there a correct way to organize cards?

I'm talking about when you're playing something like Spades, Oh Heck! or Uno Hearts. We had a game night at Mom & Dad's house Saturday night and one of the games we played was Uno Hearts. One of the cards requires players to swap hands and this is how the debate began.

I put my cards in the following order: by color then by number, lowest to highest going from left to right. And all right side up. Mom & Collin put their cards highest to lowest from left to right and sometimes they're upside down! I was told I was doing it backwards when I think I'm right! If I remember correctly, Squatchy was the only one to agree with me.

And speaking of cards...Collin & I went to Olive Garden tonight for dinner and for dessert I ordered a frozen tiramasu which is made with Amaretto and Kaluha and I GOT CARDED!! Holy hot shit - I'm 36 years old and i got carded! So cool!!

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