Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vacation Story Numero Uno

It was first agreed that Collin would tell this story but he decided to allow me the privilege. So sit back, get comfy and ready yourself for: "The Tale Of The Pigs!"

Two weeks ago it was decided by my cousin Mark that he wanted to buy 2 pigs. I don't know why he thought this would be a good idea but he did indeed purchase two pigs, one male and one female. He built a pen out at my Grandma's house and housed the pigs there. When Collin & I arrived last Saturday at Grandma's house, she pointed the pigs out to us and said that two days after Mark had placed them in the pen, they had somehow managed to escape but Mark's dad, my Uncle Rex, was able to get them back into the pen by charming them with feed.

The next morning I was sitting on the couch talking to Grandma and Collin was gazing out the side window. "The pigs are gone," he said calmly. "What," I asked. Once again, very calmly, he said, "The pigs are gone." I got up and looked out the window; damned if he wasn't right! The side of the pen was open and the pigs were gone. He said he had seen them crossing the street and going into the neighbor's yard so he went outside to see if he could herd them back over.

I stayed inside talking to Grandma but fifteen minutes later there was no sign of Collin or the pigs so I went out to find him. He was still across the street and waved me over to help him. The across the street neighbors have a little farm with horses, chickens, goats, llamas and dogs. They were all freaking out about their unexpected visitors. Collin had chased them into the barn but they got out and were now terrorizing the dogs, who were thankfully behind a fence.

We went to herd them in the right direction but they took off towards the horse field. Luckily the horses were also behind a fence but they were quite interested in the pigs and were hanging their heads over the fence to watch as they ran away from us. The pigs finally slipped through a barbed wire fence into a running circle for the horses. Since it was empty we decided to leave them there and wait for Mark to retrieve his pigs.

Once back in Grandma's kitchen, however, we saw that the pigs had left the running circle and climbed into the field where the horses were. The pigs were running as fast as their piggy legs would carry them, followed closely by all the horses! We went back over to save the pigs and found them out of the field and in a mud hole. I asked Collin how you called to pigs and he just said, "Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!" That reminded me of the dream I had a while back where I was making a sow jump up and down by yelling "Pigga pigga pigga!" I tried that but to no avail.

We finally left the pigs in a pile of horse manure and let Mark deal with them. He ended up having to put them in a trailer, tying their legs to the inside of the trailer while he fixed the pen. So the pigs are fine and we have a weird little vacation story to tell!

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