Friday, July 20, 2007

Exploding Death!

Yes, I have been lax in my posting duties. It seems to be going around work places that they need to keep us bloggers from blogging. So just like Derek, when I get home I don't think about posting. But - here I am! And I'm back with a bang. Literally. If you're squeamish about death and/or exploding body parts, please to not read any farther.

So last week a guy that works where I do passed away. I didn't know him, had never met him - he worked the day shift in another area. The area where he worked happened to be the same area where my ex-supervisor Nancy works and this story comes from her.

She went to lunch last week with her boss, leaving Billy alone in his area at his desk. When they returned, Billy was gone but there was "red stuff" all over his desk, the floor and in the trash can. Nancy said it looked like he had been eating salsa and puked. She took it upon herself to clean it up since he was gone.

Tunrs out it wasn't salsa infused puke. Billy's liver exploded and he puked up blood and pieces of his liver. He drove himself home where his wife took him to the hospital but he didn't make it. He was only 45 with children and grandchildren (1 due in Oct) - it's a very sad story but also a pretty horrible one. As Nancy put it, "I didn't know I was cleaning up death."

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