Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Ends...

And a new list begins. Here's my books for August - again very slim:

25. Anchored In Love - John Carter Cash: This was a good book chronicling the life of June Carter Cash written by her son with Johnny Cash. It was interesting but too short.

26. The Many-Colored Land - Julian May: Collin's so excited that I started this series and I am, too, now that I started it. It's a sci-fi series and it's wonderful!! It's my Book Of The Month, as well.

And the movies....

105. Almost Famous - I had only seen this once and Christina picked it to watch one day. I had forgotten just how much I loved this one! Jason Lee as a rockstar is too cute!

106. Pan's Labyrinth - A great film by Guillermo Del Toro - very dark, very beautiful.

107. Hot Fuzz - Made Justin watch this one...Just as good the 2nd time as it was the first!

108. Driving Lessons - This is a cute little coming-of-age movie starring Rupert Grint who plays Ron in the Harry Potter movies. It was nice to see him not being Ron for once and he did a good job. It co-starred Laura Linney as his religious-nut mom and Julie Walters who plays his mom in the HP films.

109. 40-Year Old Virgin - Had to watch this one again...too funny!

110. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone - I started watching all the movies over once I saw the lastest one. Funny how young the kids were...

111. The Simpson's Movie - The Movie of the Month hands down. This film was hilarious!!! I couldn't stop laughing - they can get away with so much more in a movie than they can on TV and what they did was awesome! Not enough Mr. Burns for my taste but Homer made up for it.

112. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets - I love the flying car sequence.

113. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban - Mmm...Gary Oldman....

114. Walk The Line - Dad was laid up after his ankle surgery so I took this movie over for him to watch...he loved it. Of course.

115. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire - Yeah, this is a good one...I love the ball sequence with Jarvis Cocker playing and then there's Ron's "tuxedo."

116. Mean Girls - I almost didn't want to ever see this but Christina said I should and I agree with her taste in movies 99% of the time so I watched it and I loved it. I'm not the biggest Lindsay Lohan fan but she was good and I love Rachel McAdams as the lead bitch. "I know, right?"

117. Driving Lessons - Christina needed to see it. That's a good enough reason to watch it again, right?

118. Hot Fuzz - Now we had to make Christina watch it. 3rd time was just as good!!!

119. Employee Of The Month - Hey Derek - I LOVE DANE COOK! This is a funny movie despite the fact that Andy Dick is in it. Jessica Simpson isn't even annoying!!

120. Snatch - It had been years since I watched this - I had forgotten how hilarious this is! Brad Pitt - genius!

121. Live Free Or Die Hard - This was a fun movie. I really like Bruce Willis and taking out a helicoptor with a car? AWESOME!

122. Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 - At World's End - Mom hadn't seen this yet and was dying to see it and who am I to say no to Captain Jack??

123. The Simpson's Movie - Christina wanted to see it so we went. There were so many lines I wanted to remember and can't so I'll have to see it at least 10 more times!! Ha!

123 1/2. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix - It's numbered as a 1/2 because after The Simpson's I dragged Christina into the theatre next door to see about 30 minutes of it - yeah, we snuck in. But I wanted to see Ron and Bellatrix and the fight in the Dept Of Mysteries. :D

124. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie - Funny little movie - weird in spots like the show...I like Frylock's voice...

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