Thursday, October 25, 2007

*Insert whine here*

So for like four years I've had a bad tooth. Waves of pain would come and go...I would combat it with Listerine and all would be good for a few months. Collin's been bugging me to get it looked at but I have a phobia about dentists...I'm positive they'll kill me. Needless to say I've just been living with this bad tooth.

It's the next to last tooth on the right's been falling apart slowly. It ain't pretty.

SO! About three weeks ago my tooth was hurting and Collin decided it was time and made an appointment for me with his dentist, Dr. Webb. He said everyone there was super nice, very cool and definitely did not have murder in the hearts or their dentist drills. He said the appointment would be for x-rays and cleaning only and that they would just let me know what needed to be done with my bad tooth. I could handle that.

Dana, the dental assistant (she was sooooo sweet) started looking around and taking x-rays. She was aghast when she saw my back tooth and said it would need to come out. She brought Dr. Webb in and he looked at it and said, "It needs to come out. Wanna do it now?"


They were serious. Suddenly I was getting numbing shots and shuffled over to another room to get the tooth yanked. OH MY GOD! I was shaking from head to toe, I couldn't control it. Dr. Webb started probing around, "becoming one with my tooth" he said with a smile. It was decided that the tooth was so far gone there was nothing to grab a hold of in the middle so he had to split the tooth and pull it out in two pieces.

Out came the drill.

During the extraction of the first half I felt pain so they gave me 2 more shots -- that made 6 all together. The 2nd half came out without a hitch and when the Dr said "all done" I replied, "Seriously?" So it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and now I have nothing else to worry about. I just took a vicadin and I'm feeling no pain.

But a big thank you and sloppy kiss to Collin for sticking with me while I was scared to death!


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