Monday, November 12, 2007

Drama Queen Much?

Few things upset me as much as a sunglasses tragedy.

I have uber-sensitive eyes and have to have my shades or I get nasty little headaches. Sadly, I have the worst luck with sunglasses. I'm constantly losing them, breaking them, scratching them but I've never had a shades death quite like this one:

Saturday when I got to work I parked with my car facing South. This is odd for me - 99.9% of the time my car will be facing North but that night I came in down a different row and parked the other way. On my first break I went to Albertsons. As I was pulling into my parking spot, facing the normal way, I saw something on the ground. Just as I was wondering what it was I heard the crunch of my tire hit it.

My thoughts flew a mile a minute: What was that? It looked like sunglasses. They looked like MY sunglasses. They couldn't be mine, I didn't even wear them tonight. But I was parked there, all backwards. They could have fallen out when I got my keys out. Oh, crap, don't be my sunglasses....

Sure enough, they were my shades, laying there in a heap of twisted plastic. I was so sad - I loved those sunglasses. They were big and shady and worked well as a makeshift hair pusher-backer. *sigh* So I scooped up the remains and unceremoniously threw them away.



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