Sunday, November 04, 2007

Helter Skelter

Finally! Time for the end-of-month round up on my books and movies! :-)


29. I Walked The Line - Vivian Cash w/ Ann Sharpsteen This was an interesting book, finally hearing Johnny Cash's first wife's side of the story. The middle of the book was all letters that she received from him while he was overseas in the Air Force and that got a tad tedious reading the same thing over & over again (how much he loved her, missed her, blah blah blah) but despite that it was a good read.

30. Wonderful Tonight - Pattie Boyd w/ Penny Junior This was SO interesting - you'd think that life being a wife of George Harrison & Eric Clapton would be romantic but it sure wasn't! Some of the stories she tells, especially about Clapton were unreal! I felt a lot of sympathy for Pattie Boyd when I was finished with the book.

31. Velvet Angel - Jude Deveraux I was biding my time until I could go buy Eric Clapton's book so I grabbed the fourth book in the Velvet Series to always it was fun and romantic.

32. Serenity - Keith R.A. DeCandido The book of the movie - this was a fun read...I knew all the dialogue so I said a lot of it out loud but it was cool to get insight into the characters.

33. Clapton - The Autobiography - Eric Clapton At the end of this book I realized that I could never be friends with Eric Clapton...he's too into Eric but I guess that's why he is who he is. After reading Pattie Boyd's bio, I wanted to hear his side of things and to give him credit, he owned up to the crappy things he did. This was a good book, a cool insight into the music biz, especially in the 60's.

34. Wallis & Edward: Letters 1931-1937 - Michael Bloch The story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII always fascinated me. Their letters to each other show that they truly loved one another and what was done to them by the royal family was so sad...

35. The Heroin Diaries - Nikki Sixx w/ Ian Gittins The BOTM. Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue telling it like it is in the world of sex, drugs & rock and roll. This is an emotional book and Nikki tells it's his diary for a year when he was at the height of his heroin addiction. It's pretty graphic and scary at times.

36. The Quickie - James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge When I started this I wondered "Where can they go with this story?" but man what a ride! There's some big twists that you don't see coming and it kept me completely entertained while waiting to hear about Dad's surgery.


We got Tivo last month and that really made the movie-watching suffer.

142. Music & Lyrics I had wanted to see this pretty bad since it came out and I finally just broke down and bought it. This was such a cute movie!! It's one I'll probably know all the lines to at some point! "Pop face!"

143. Zodiac This was a long movie. But it was good. I love Mark Ruffalo and he wasn't disappointing. It's one of those movies that's when it's done makes me run upstairs and check out the real story on Wikipedia.

144. Ghosts of the Abyss We watched this at the IMAX before going to see the Titanic exhibit. The other 3 felt they didn't need to have watched it; I, on the other hand, loved it and would watch it again.

145. Fracture I saw this movie when it was in the theatre and wanted Collin to see it. It was just as good the 2nd time around and it was fun seeing Collin try and piece the puzzle together.

146. Blade Runner I had never seen this "classic" before so Collin popped it in for me. I didn't like it so much.

147. Across the Universe As stated in an earlier post, this is my new favorite movie. And the MOTM.

148. Michael Clayton Collin & I went to see this with Mom & Dad and while it was good, it moved very slowly. Tilda Swinton is excellent, however, at conveying some serious fear!

149. Sands of Oblivion The crap you watch when you like an actor. This was a made-for-TV movie from the Sci-Fi Channel and it was BAD! Adam Baldwin was the reason I made Collin Tivo it and even he couldn't help it be any better.

150. Hollywoodland This was good and sad. Ben Affleck did a really good job of playing George Reeves and Adrien Brody....always a good reason to watch a movie. :)

151. Balls of Fury Saw this at the $1 wasn't as funny as I had hoped although Christopher Walken never fails to make me laugh. "I bid you toodles."

152. Fido I'll bet this was Collin's MOTM. :D This was an excellent movie even if it was about zombies. It was set in the 50's and it was bright and colorful and not chock full of people being eaten. I will definitely watch this one again.

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