Sunday, February 17, 2008


You know how you see people get arrested all the time on TV or in the movies but, for me anyway, very rarely in real life.  Well, that has all changed!

A couple weeks ago I went to Subway with Collin & Jordyn...we walked in and there were two younger girls in the front, one on her cell phone talking very forcefully.  I asked the other girl if she was in line and she bluntly told me no.  Pretty soon the lady in front of us turned and said, "you just missed all the excitement."  Apparently some drunk guy had been in there cussing up a storm, saying things that no one in the store would even repeat.  So the lone girl working there went and asked him to leave.  He got in her face, cussing her out and screaming that he was going to come back and kill everyone!  Well.....

The girls were on the phone to the police who showed up a short time later.  Good thing, too, cuz the freak came back while we were there but thank God he didn't come inside.  He saw the cops and went across the street where the police approached him.  Just then a big ass cit bus got in my way so I didn't get to see the actual takedown but when the bus moved the guy was on the ground and the cops each had a knee in his back, cuffing him.

It was crazy!!  But pretty cool.


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