Saturday, May 03, 2008

March & April combined

Once again I read no books in the month of March. None. Nada. Zip! I blame work - we weren't sure if the new supervisor was going to take away books and since I was the one caught with the headphones that 2nd day of his regime, I sure as hell wasn't going to be the one caught with the book.  So....on to March's movies....

35.  Run Fat Boy Run - I loved this movie!!  So incredibly funny!  Simon Pegg is too good to  be missed and I adore Hank Azaria!

36.  Run Fat Boy Run - Yeah yeah, loved it so much I saw it twice.

37. The Other Boleyn Girl - I honestly don't know why they even bothered to link this with the book - they changed everything.  They said it was for dramatic purposes but what about the actual events wasn't dramatic??  Natalie Portman was awesome as Anne Boleyn though and I bawled like a baby when she was beheaded.  And any  movie is worth it with Jim Sturgess in it!

38.  No Country For Old Men - So - - after all the hype, it wasn't what I expected.  It was good, Javier Bardem definitely deserved the Oscar - he was scary - but the ending annoyed me.

39.  Evan Almighty - I had heard bad things about this movie but Shanon said she liked it so we gave it a shot and it was cute.  The monkey cracked me up and I'm not usually amused by monkeys.

40.  Chuck Jones - Extremes & In Betweens - This was a documentary on the man who created Bugs and was very interesting and lots of fun!!

41.  Shoot 'Em Up - This is a fun fun fun movie with a weak plot and lots of action.  But Clive Owen is freaking COOL!!!  And Paul Giamatti as the bad guy?  Aw, hell yeah!

42.  Boy Eats Girl - I don't usually enjoy zombie movies because I don't like seeing people get eaten.  But this one was cute and low on the flesh eatin's so...worth watching.

43.  Enchanted - Finally!!  And worth the wait - this was really cute and fun!

44.  30 Days Of Night - Enh.  Ending sucked.  No pun intended.

45.  War - Jason Statham and Jet Li in a movie together?  Fighting each other?  How much yummier can you get?  The plot - who cares?  It was Jason Statham and Jet Li fighting each other....

MOTM goes to Run Fat Boy Run

TV4.  Six Feet Under Season 4
TV5. Six Feet Under Season 5

And now we move on to April....

47.  Jungle Book - The original Disney cartoon....Jordyn had never seen it and she loved it.  I hadn't seen this in years and loved it just as much, especially when I saw George Sanders was the voice of Sher Khan.  :D

48.  Stardust - There seemed to be a lot of competition between this movie and Enchanted...I loved this movie and liked it more than Enchanted.  This was an almost perfect movie for the romantic in me.

49.  Drillbit Taylor - Cute movie...there's a cameo in this movie that made me scream out loud in the theatre!   

50.  Cloverfield - I didn't expect to like this movie but I did.  Might not watch it again but I enjoyed it.

51.  National Treasure: Book of Secrets - I loved the first movie and this one was just as fun.  The little sidekick kills me!!  And I love that Helen Mirren was Nicholas Cage's mother!!!

52.  Juno - Saw this at the $1 movie with Christina - Just as much fun the 2nd time around.

53.  Star Wars - The first was on Spike before work and I had nothing better to do.

54.  Juno - Collin bought this the day after it came out so we made Justin watch it.  Still great after 3 viewings.

55. Wild Hogs - This was a cute little movie.  Nothing deep or serious, just cute.

56. The Mist - I read the Stephen King short story a long long time ago so I don't remember much about it - but this was a decent movie with a disturbing ending.

The MOTM goes to Stardust.  Hands down.

TV6.  Dexter Season 1

Hallelujah, I started reading again! Saints be praised.

7. Strangers in Death - JD Robb  It's always a good day when you read an Eve Dallas book.  And this one was cool cuz I fugured it out and I usually don't.

8. Please Don't Eat The Daisies - Jean Kerr  Did you ever see this movie with Doris Day and David Niven?  Well, the book is just as good...cute, funny and fuzzy.  

9. Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay  Ooo, I love me some Dexter Morgan!  It helps that Michael C Hall plays him on Showtime but he's still so cool in the book!  This book was scary, funny and cool all wrapped into one!

10. Dry Ice - Stephen White  His books are always good for thrills and this one was no exception.  He brought back some old characters that caused some serious chills!!

11. Dead of Night
  • Eternity In Death - JD Robb 

  • Amy And The Earl's Amazing Adventure - Mary Blayney 

  • Timeless - Ruth Ryan Langdon  

  • On The Fringe - Mary Kay McCormas  
This was one of those 4 story books where  the big author gathers 3 smaller authors and gets you to read their stuff.  The JD Robb story was good (not one of her best though) and the other 3 were as well.  The problem with short stories is that everything has to happen so fast!

12. The Mysterious Affair At Styles - Agatha Christie I started reading this online at work and it was soooo good - I love Poirot.  I didn't figure the mystery out - I usually don't with hers - but it was clever and delicious as always.

13. The Man Who Was Thursday - GK Chesterton Another online book but I haven't finished it yet.  So far it's excellent....

BOTM goes to Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

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