Monday, April 14, 2008

Tired yet?

I 've got the movie list for March almost done - it's not like it's long or anything but I've just been lazy. Today I am here to regale you with one more work-related story.

I'm sorry but that's all that seems to be going on lately.

We had a meeting tonight to discuss this new policy called 5S - I threw away the packet so I can't remember what the 5 S's stand for...Sort, Straighten, Shine, Something, Somthing....Shine is the one that gets me - - all I hear in my head is a soccer mom telling her little soccer star to "SHINE!" Ugh. So anyway, the sup is yammering on about this policy and I'm zoning for the most part but then he says, with the sneer in his voice that all of us in my area have become accustomed to, "You've never had a supervisor, so..." and my face crinkled up into a WTF look.

He saw it.

"I mean a supervisor that's been here all night with you."

"We've had them," I said. "At least three of them."

He kind of ignored me and went on with his spiel. After the meeting he told me he wanted me to train one of his people on my machines and the attitude came spilling out, mostly out of fear that I would be training my replacement. "We need to talk," he finally said. "Come to the office."

So to the office I went. He said I was "resistant." Well, hell yeah, I'm resistant! He's changing everything that's been the norm for 10 years and he thinks I'm gonna welcome it with open arms?? I told him how I felt and why I said what I did in the meeting. We have a reputation here at work (the 8 people in my area) for being non-protocoled slackers. Everyone else always thought that because we didn't wear the bunny suit or because we were allowed to read on the floor that we never did any work. This couldn't be farther from the truth and of all people now, the new sup should know that! So that's why I jumped in when I did. He actually apologized and said he didn't realize how he had come across. Shocker!

We talked for 45 minutes and I had a chance to tell him my thoughts and feelings on all these changes. He was as receptive as he could be. By the time I left I had agreed, with his promise that I wasn't training my replacement, to train a very sweet girl from downstairs. The only bad thing is that he said when I'm done training her, I have to go downstairs to train. Crap.

I really really hate change. Bet you couldn't tell that, huh?

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


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