Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Bit of Sunshine

Sometimes something happens that restores your faith in - - maybe I won't go so far as to say "humanity" but at least you know that people are on your side and it makes you smile.

Or laugh out loud for an hour.

We have here at work a thing called "PASSDOWN." What is that, you ask? Well, it's where throughout the night, all of us dedicated operators keep track of everything we've run on our machines and around 4am or so, I collect it all, type it up in a nifty, easy-to-read format and send it to the supervisors, specialists, engineers, operators and other people in charge. I've been doing it for 9 1/2 out of my 10 years here.

Well, Monday night the new supe decided that passdown was being sent too early and Heaven forbid in the hour or so between the time I sent it and he presented it to his big bosses that something had changed. Like a lot ending or a system going down to maintenance. So he told me not to even start working on it until 6:30 am! We HAVE to leave by 7 because we're not allowed ANY overtime so I had to call him and enlighten him to the fact that it takes me anywhere from 30-40 minutes to type the thing up, not to mention the end of the night is my busiest time what with catching up on all the summaries, getting the numbers in the book and readying for the next shift. So he graciously extended my time to 6am.

Wow. Thanks a heap, White Man.

So what I did was I got together with the other two best-known dissenters in our group and we decided to write a novel - the littlest thing that happened while we were working, we were going to write it in the passdown. It took me an hour to write - I added colors and a brand new format and everything. And guess what?

He thought it was the coolest thing since New England lost the Super Bowl.

So tonight, Big Mike, one of my rebel buddies, sent me his passdown (at 2:03 am, mind you! 4 whole hours EARLIER than Hitler said to give it to me)...this is what it said:


Hot off the press. Another gripping best seller!!!!. Destined to be a classic !!!! By that (WELL ???) known author HEATHER KNIGHT. ((((( PASS DOWN 2 ))))) This thrilling epic takes over where ( PASS DOWN 1 ) left off. Read about the joys and the tragedies that befell the infamous B SHIFT. (ALSO KNOWN AS KNIGHT SHIFT )Was the system up or down ??? Did it make yield ????? Did she check every third wafer ??????? These are just some of the questions you will have answered when you read (((((((( PASS DOWN 2 )))))))). Now at selected terminals near you.

I loved it! That is the shit right there! :D I loved how he called it KNIGHT SHIFT! heheh. It was just what I needed to turn my yucky week up a little.

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