Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All right, Dad

A post not about books or movies....

A few months ago, I started messing around with the search feature on MySpace. I realized that if people sign up using their real name, it's pretty easy to find people so I started culling through all the people I've worked with or gone to school with. I found a lot of them but only a few I decided to request to be friends with.

Out of the few, only 2 never replied. Everyone else got back in touch with me but only for maybe a week and then I never heard anything else. Except for one.

Darcie. She was my friend in elementary and junior high - we walked to school together every morning and she always shared Fireballs with me. She was fun to hang out and talk about boys with. Sadly, she moved to Woodland Park shortly after high school started and I lost contact with her until just recently.

We've been emailing ever since and it seems we still have a lot in common. She's a dealer in Vegas and since Collin & I are going there on vacation in 3 weeks, we're going to hook up, hopefully, for lunch or something. I'm very excited! Yay for MySpace!!

Speaking of Vegas - - - yeah, Collin & I are going the middle of this month and we're staying at The Paris. We've got tickets to see O, Mamma Mia, Mac King and Penn & Teller. And I heard the Titanic exhibit is a fixed attraction at the Tropicana. Whoo-hoo!! We're taking my pretty new VUE on her first road trip - thank God I have air conditioning! :D

Let's see....what else....Max is the BEST BABY EVER...he's so cute and he laughs and smiles all the time. There's a ton of pics of him over in my pics section on my MySpace if you wanna see him.

Work is going a little better - I survived my trek to the dungeon and am now firmly ensconsed back on my normal floor. Even the boss is being nice to me - - hopefully that lasts!!

Hope you all have a great week!!


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