Friday, July 25, 2008

June Books and Movies

20. Feather In The Wind - Madeline Baker I hadn't read one of her books in maybe a decade and then one day I happened to see the title and read the back and hey!! Whaddya know, I'd never read this one and it had a time travel theme which will ALWAYS suck me into a book matter how cheesy it was, it was still good.

21. The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde Online book...still haven't completed it due to the fact that the internet was yet another victim of the new supervisor's regime.  But what I read I really liked - well written and creepy.  I plan on buying an actualy copy to finish it.

22. The Street of Five Moons - Elizabeth Peters Ahh, Elizabeth Peters. One of my absolute favorite authors.  Vicki Peters mysteries are always fun and this was no exception.  

23. Death Walked In - Carolyn Hart I love the Death On Demand series and this one was just as good as the rest. A quick-paced fun mystery that I pretty much had figured out from the beginning. Those are the best kind! :D

24. Other People's Love Letters - Bill Shapiro This was a cool book that Collin picked up for me in Vegas - it's a collection of 150 love letters ranging from the sweet to the sad and everything in between. The best part was at the end it gave me some closure on some of the letters - did these people get together, get married, was awesome!  BOTM.

25. A Lifetime of Secrets - Frank Warren  So this was a cool book....this is like the 3rd one of these where people send in anonymous postcards and tell secrets that they can't tell anyone else.  It's like being a voyeur into other people's lives and it's totally interesting!  Here's some examples....

26. Odd Hours - Dean Koontz  The latest in Koontz's Odd Thomas series.  I love Odd but this book left a bit to be desired.  For the first half of the book I had no clue what was happening then all of a sudden it became clear and just like that it was solved and over.  It was weird.  Not my favorite book by him.

27.  Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner From the woman who brought us In Her Shoes comes this quirky little mystery novel.  I enjoyed it - the heroine was different....she was normal.  Kind of.  But Weiner's great with dialogue and that's always a plus for me!!

...and now we move on to flicks...

74. Fever Pitch  I borrowed this from Christina and it was cute.  Not cute enough that I would watch it again but I liked the ending.  Jimmy Fallon is an odd choice for a romantic lead in my book...but Drew Barrymore is always a good addition to any cast.

75.  Young Frankenstein  The kids had never seen this classic so we set them down to watch it.  They loved it.  And why wouldn't they?

76. The Fricso Kid  While watching YF I ascertained that Collin had never seen this movie so he stopped by Entertainmart the next day and picked it up.  You know what?  Turns out that it didn't really stand the test of time.  I didn't even finish watching it.  Everything that made me laugh as a kid I merely chuckled at.  But Jordyn enjoyed it.

77.  The Bank Job  Saw this at the $1 theatre.  This was good but I wish Jason Statham had had more of a chance to kick some ass.   That's why I go see him in a movie.  :D  But seriously, this was interesting and based on a true story.  Definitely worth checking out!

78.  Dan In Real Life  I love Steve Carrel and I love Dane Cook and I love Dianne Weist but this movie rated a mere "Not bad.  Kinda cute" in my book.  It moved a little slow and all the funny parts were shown in the preview.

79.  Jim Gaffigan - Beyond The Pale  Collin sat me down one day and had me watch this comedy routine.  I promptly fell asleep but only because I was dead tired.  I heard most of his act in my dreams!  But when I woke up, he replayed it for me and this guy was really funny!!  It's a "Watch it now" option on Netflix if you're set up for that.

80.  Imaginationland  Ahh, South Park.  I love that show.  I bought this little gem and laughed my head off.  If it wasn't for Cartman (who killed me by dressing as the pope!), Butters would so be my fave character!!

81.  Kung Fu Panda  Ska-doosh.  MOTM   I don't think there was a time where I wasn't smiling, chuckling or laughing while watching this movie.  It was awesome.  I loved all the characters, especially the bad guy.  It was just a big ball of fun!

 TV9. Supernatural Season 1  Oh my.  If you like spooky, hot guys and hotter cars, then WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!

TV10. South Park Season 6  Don't ask me how or why we started with 6.  We just did.

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