Friday, July 04, 2008

Vegas Baby!! PT. 1

Okey dokey, here's the more in depth account of our Vegas Vacation! We drove through Utah which is so boring there's actually signs that say "Fatigued Drivers Pull Off At NExt Exit - NO FATIGUED DRIVERS!!" Well, if your state wasn't so boring, maybe we wouldn't get tired! There were some pretty parts though and this was the first cool scenery we saw:

Utah is not only boring but perverted. They're the Beehive State so all their road signs have beehives on them but they made them look like boobs:

Ahh, finally, after 11 hours on the road, there's the first sign of Sin City:

And then we're greeted with the craziest billboard ever:

Seriously, how did they get away with that??

We made it to The Paris and had a room on the 16th floor. We had a decent view - in this shot you can see The Bellagio between the buildings - through that hole we could see the dancing fountains.

And there's the other side with the Colosseum from Caesars.

Here's my artsy attempt - Collin in the mirror in our room:

Oh yeah - see the phone? Stupid expensive phone - Thursday when we got back there was a message from my Mom asking us to call her back. So I did. Dad was on the phone so it went directly to the message dealy and I called back 4 times only to hear the bells of the message. I hung up every time and every time we were charged $10 a call!!! GACK!!

The first night we went to the Rio to see Penn & Teller - Collin snapped a couple pics on our way out:

The balloon which is so very very cool....

....and the even cooler Arc de Triumphe.

On to Penn & Teller which will be Part 2! I hope you all had a fabulous & safe 4th of July!!!

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