Friday, December 12, 2008

So THIS is Christmas?

For the first time EVER - I decided I wanted to decorate outside for Christmas, more than just a wreath on the door. My first thought was lights on the bushes but during the fall the maintenance crew here in the townhome community we live in removed all the dead and dying bushes - that included both of ours - and can't replace them until Spring. So! I went to my mom's store (Big Lots!) to get something nifty for the bare patch in our front yard. I bought the Item of the Day - a large blow-up snow globe with a rotating tree surrounded by penguins holding snowballs. It was ADORABLE!! There were lights inside so I could leave it on at night until we went to bed.

Collin set it up for me on Sunday afternoon. Tuesday night at 7:15, 3 teenagers ran through the complex and thought, "Hey! Let's ruin Christmas cuz we're fucking IDIOTS!!!" One of them took a knife and sliced open the snow globe, ruining my first ever outdoor decoration. Colliin saw & heard them through the living room window but by the time he got outside, they were gone, running through the playground and jumping the fence.

3 days the penguins survived. This isn't right. What is this world coming to when you can't feel safe in expressing your Christmas spirit for fear it will be stabbed or stolen? I know 2 people from work who have had all or part of their nativity scenes's a sad state the world is in when Christmas is no longer sacred! Santa will poop in their stockings for sure!!


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