Monday, January 12, 2009

My Homework Assignment

Collin gave me the assignment of writing about the play we saw yesterday afternoon.  So here I go:

We were lucky enough to see The Color Purple yesterday at the Temple Buell Theatre in Denver.  Our tickets were a generous Christmas gift from Ray & MaryBeth, my uncle & aunt.  To be honest, I didn't know that The Color Purple had been turned into a musical; sadly, my Broadway contact is in the hoosegow so I don't know much about Broadway musicals these days.  But I love musicals so we willingly piled in the car yesterday to go to Denver.

It was a sold out audience - the place was packed!  The lead was played by an understudy but you would never have known - she was amazing.  Hell, everyone in that play was amazing.  My favorite character was Sofia; she had a voice that was as big as her bosom and trust me, that was a crazy big bosom!!  Her song "Hell No" was so cool I came right home and bought it on iTunes.  Shug Avery was a close second for fave character; I loved her costumes, especially the dress she wore for her "Push the Button" song.  

The rest of the songs were great....the songwriters/composers are all well-known musicians: Brenda Russell, Stephen Bray & Allee Willis.  It was an enjoyable, powerful show.  I would go back and see it again.

Getting out of the parking garage was the worst part of the day; like I mentioned earlier, the show was sold out so there was a ton of cars all leaving at the same time.  We were edged out of the parking space waiting for a break - a guy in a minivan was obviously not planning on letting us out...he pulled up and blocked us, not even looking at us.  No problem, we'll go out behind him.  While we were waiting, the lady next to us got into her van.  She edged out of her space as well.  When the line started to move, the guy in the minivan let her go in front of him!!  I was pissed!!  So was Collin but I was pissed off enough to lean over and honk Collin's horn.  The ass in the minivan jumped but still wouldn't look at us.  There's etiquette in parking garages and this guy, plus the "lady" next to us, didn't get it.

BUT!  Like I said, that was the only bad part of the day.  After the play we hit Los Delicias IV in Parker - the best mexican food anywhere!!!  So, thanks Ray & MB!  Awesome Christmas gift!!!


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