Thursday, January 08, 2009

Year end books & movies

Yeah, I skipped like July-Nov on here.  If you're interested, the lists can be found here.

50. Book of the Dead - Patricia Cornwell  I used to read everything this woman put out with great glee. Then I read one a few years ago that didn't impress me and I stopped reading her. When I saw this book at the library, the title caught my interest and I realized I couldn't remember why I didn't like the last one I had read. Well, now I remember. THIS BOOK SUCKED. All this build up and depressing stuff happening at every turn and then suddenly this serial killer who had been brilliant about not being caught suddenly turned idiotic and within 2 pages he was caught, imprisoned and the book was over, leaving some very important plot lines untouched. Hated it! Hated it. Yes, I hated it. And I don't say that much about a book.

51. The Ice Queen - Alice Hoffman  Ahh, this book was better. Alice Hoffman is a great writer and comes up with the most intriguing plots. This book was chock full of sympathetic characters and stories that made me laugh and cry.

And that was it. I actually started The Plantaganet Prelude by Jean Plaidy and Body Movers by Stephanie Bond but had to take them back to the library. See, most of my reading (99%) was done at work while I was on my breaks and lunch. Now I don't have work so the books just sat on the counter. I feel great shame.


119. Bolt - This movie was freaking adorable! It made me want a new hamster. It also worried me that kids watching Rhino throwing himself around fearlessly in his ball would think it's cool to toss hamsters about willy-nilly and the bunny-wunny death rate would rise sharply. But I haven't heard any bad news so I'm hoping it didn't happen. And this movie is great - GO SEE IT!

120. The Frighteners - An older movie that I had never seen but when Collin saw that Chi McBride, my fave character in Pushing Daisies, was in it he said I had to see it. So I did. And I really really liked it.

121. License To Wed - I did not enjoy this movie. The humor seemed forced. The only thing I liked was John Krasinski. He's a cutie.

122. Ghost Town - From a movie starring a guy from The Office, I move to one with the guy who started and starred in the original British Office; Ricky Gervais. He's hilarious - I love him! This movie was a departure from the kind of roles I'm used to seeing his play but he did it well and the movie was fun and moved along well. Plus Greg Kinnear is in it. :D

123. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - We got it on DVD and had to watch it. I gave up halfway through trying to NOT say every line with the movie.

124. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - We made my family watch it on Christmas Eve. They were lukewarm in their reception of it although my Mom enjoyed NPH's singing and Derek snorted with the line "The hammer is my penis." That was expected.

125. A Christmas Story - Of course.

126. Wanted - I bought Collin the special edition 2 disc copy of this movie for Christmas so we checked it out again. Great movie.

127. The Dark Knight - I got this for Christmas as it was just as good the 4th time.

128. The Man Who Sued God - A Billy Connoly movie that was unexpected and fun and good.

129. High School Musical 2 - Jordyn & I watched this one cuz we knew we were going to see HSM3 at the $1 theatre soon. My least fave of the 3 but I really like the song "I Don't Dance."

130. Iron Man - How Collin & I spent our New Year's Eve after Game Night. This was a good movie and Robert Downey Jr looked gooooood. Yep.


TV18. Dexter Season 2 - I saw a Flair on (sssh) Facebook once with a pic of Dexter that said SKILF. That's about it. When Michael C Hall puts on his "killing clothes" - oh, my!! But yumminess aside, this is a great series. Well written and acted and you never know what's gonna happen!

TV19. How I Met Your Mother Season 1 - After seeing Dr. Horrible and deciding NPH was the shit, I begged Collin to get me this for Christmas. And he did. And we loved it. Barney Stinson is my new hero. He's, dare I say it....Legen - wait for it - DARY! We watched the whole season within 2 or 3 days. And then he bought me Season 2 for my birthday which isn 't for 17 days and forced me to open it so we could start that one. Great series!

It's hard to pick between Dr. Horrible and The Dark Knight for movie of the year so I'm declaring it a tie!!  Whee!

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