Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thanks, Justin...

Not only did Justin C steal the "What Have You Done?" post from me, he added some more questions which, of course, I had to steal right back! Here we go for your weekend enjoyment:

( ) gone out naked in public for longer than 5 minutes
(x) fallen in love on the first date
(x) gone to a wrestling show (WCW/WWE/ECW, etc)
( ) been engaged but didn't get married - I'm wishing the one time I did get engaged I didn't get married!
(x) had a long-distance relationship - I was seeing this guy named Perry who went off to be a DJ on a cruise ship. He gave me his earring to wear while he was gone. I wore it every day except one...I was on my way to work and rrealized I'd forgotten it. No big deal, I thought. But guess who came into work that night, back from the cruise? Of course!!!
(x) had your electricity turned off because of a late bill
( ) had to pawn something to pay something/someone off
(x) owned a leather jacket - still do! I have the first one I bought, a red fringed leather coat I got in Juarez & a leather Avalanche coat autographed by Patrick Roy!
(x) ridden a motorcycle
(x) given a backrub
(x) given a backrub with alterior motives
(x) given a backrub with alterior motives and had it pay off
(x) gone to see live comedy at a comedy place
( ) found a mouse in your house by the smell of it being dead and decaying
(x) met a celebrity
(x) met a celebrity that you wanted to meet
(x) had a pet die
( ) had a crush on someone much younger than you (10 yrs and younger)
(x) had a crush on someone much older than you (10 yrs and older)

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