Tuesday, August 30, 2005

By Popular Demand

My post yesterday generated some fun comments and since I'm at work without web access, that means that I couldn't reply to those comments. (I email my posts to Collin and he posts them for me. He's such a nice guy!) So, I thought I would use today's post to answer my comments!

Here we go - keep your hands in the car at all times and have fun!

John Elway. Pfff.

Andy K.

-Andy's not a Bronco fan, can you tell? Andy, you have to at least admit that Elway was better than Brister! :)
Tony Lilly? Good LORD what a blast from the past!

I was at that game in San Diego. The first quarter was great! Then I

had to memorize the words to "Hail to the Redskins."

My friend Bill and I like to play a game where we try to name
irrelevant Broncos that we still actually remember!

Top 10 Irrelevant Broncos:

1) Jack Dolbin
2) Butler By'Not'e
3) Larry Canada
4) Bobby Humphrey
5) Kenny Walker (remember the deaf kid from NE? We all did silent
clapping when he made a play!)
6) Le-Lo Lang
7) Craig Penrose
8) Rick Parros
9) Scott Stankavage
10) Sam Graddy

Do you remember any???

BTW, I LOVE Broncos posts - YAY!!!

Pat Angello

Pat - There were names on there that I haven't heard for years!! Let's see...obscure or irrelevant Broncos...KC Clark, Jeremiah Castille, Mike Harden, Gerald Willhite, David Treadwell...
Scotty Stankavage...What an arm! He could fling that pigskin 60, 70
yards. Of course, it was always into the waiting arms of a
defender...(3rd string QB, 1980's, played behind the legendary Elway
and the capable Kubiak). - I thought Stankavage was cute. So was Kubiak.

Kenny Walker: had a sign-language interpreter with him at all times

Sam Graddy was irrelevant? I beg to differ, friend.

Le-Lo Lang? Ha, that's funny. I remember him.

Bobby Humphrey...He coulda been a contenda'!

K.C. CLARK! KEN BELL! - Hey!! You mentioned KC Clark! I should have read farther down before writing my replies! Remember when he smacked that ref in the face for calling back an interception that he had made? I loved that!!
Gaston Green! Luke Prestridge! Norris Weese! Gene Lang! Rob Lytle!
Riley Odoms!

Stop me before Drozdov pukes again!

Bill Purdy

- I'm going through flashback o.d.! Oh my God!! Drozdov...he became a professional wrestler and broke his neck and was paralyzed.

If you say that name, GOBLINS WILL COME OUT!


- No! Not the goblins!!!

Um. Go Broncos!


- You betcha, baby!! GO BRONCOS!


That was fun. It got me racking my brain for old Broncos.

Remember Rich Karlis and his bare foot? Mom & I met him at Chapel Hills Mall one time...some charity he supported had put out a Broncos calendar and he signed it for us. Shanon loved him - when he went to play for The Vikings (whom I hated at the time because during a Monday night game one of the Vikes had broken Gerald Willhite's leg and he was one of my faves! I held a grudge against them until they drafted Daunte Culpepper.) she became a Minnesota fan. I was so disappointed in her. And him.

Mark Jackson & Vance Johnson & Ricky Nattiel - we went to the Citadel Mall around Christmas time to meet The Three Amigos. We stood in line for 3 hours!! But they were all so nice, even after all that time they had been there. Mark Jackson was singing "I've Been In Love Before" by the Cutting Crew while he was signing our poster. That poster hung on Mom & Dad's bedroom door for years! I also met Vance Johnson at the Citadel when I had my broken thumb and he signed my cast. I still have it in a plastic bag in a box. I don't care how bad it stinks - The Vance signed it!!

What was the name of the white receiver we had during The Three Amigos reign? They called him The Gringo. Rick Massey?

Rick Upchurch - he called my friend's house one day looking for relatives. Her mom was so excited that she had talked to thee Rick Upchurch!!

Gerald Willhite and his backflip, Sammy Winder and the Mississippi Mud Walk....

While I tell people right now that Trevor Pryce is my favorite player, my all time favorites will always be Randy Gradishar, Simon Fletcher, Dennis Smith & Steve Atwater. I still get chills watching Atwater lay that hit on Christian Okaye and then standing up and yelling....yeah, getting chills now...

Pat - if you love Bronco posts, you should check out the first week of my archives...there's a story about my Mom & I stole her seat from the old Mile High after the last game there. It's probably my best story!

I could talk all day about The Broncos...I better not. I have work to do!

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