Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback

Collin & I watched Donnie Darko Saturday. There's a scene where Donnie's father is watching the Super Bowl. It's the one where the Washington Redskins beat the Denver Broncos - XXIII, I think. It's obvious that the characters are Bronco fans cuz the dad throws something at the TV in disgust and then says, "We need a quarterback." The other guy says, "No, we need to pick up a safety." YARGH!!!!

I think I missed most of the next scene because I was yelling my thoughts at Collin...poor Collin, he was really pretty much trapped. Here are my thoughts in a more calm & collected manner:

1) We did NOT need a quarterback. We had John Elway. Sadly, he was being coached by Dan Reeves who didn't know how to coach a team to win the Super Bowl. Elway also did not have a running game. He had great receivers but no running backs. What happened when we got Mike Shanahan and Terrell Davis? We won 2 Super Bowls...back to back, nonetheless! Thank you very much whoever wrote Donnie Darko!

2) As for the safety situation, we had Dennis Smith! There's no getting any better than that! We also had Tony Lilly...oh, my, he was cute!! CUTE!! He also was not the best safety to ever grace the Broncos roster. But he was cute. The more I think about the line, "We need to pick up a safety" I realize that he's probably talking about Tony Lilly. Uh! I know he was only interested in getting that cute mug on TV but, did they have to pick on him in a major motion picture?? Did I mention he was really cute?

I have to wonder why the writer picked that year to set the movie and why even show the Super Bowl? To annoy Bronco fans? To remind us of the Super Bowls that we lost? To get a dig in at Elway? Or Tony "Cutest Bronco Ever" Lilly? Out of everything that the movie was about, that's what sticks in my mind. Odd.

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