Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Survivor Replay

If you didn't read yesterday's post and think you might want to try your hand at how you'd survive a plane crash in the freezing Canadian wilderness, skip down and read the previous entry before reading this. If you are one of the handful of people who played, here's the "answers:"

First off, my winning team and I picked this order:

1) Canvas for shelter

2) Axe for chopping wood to make a fire

3) Crisco to burn in the fire

4) Lighter to make a fire with by the spark on the

5) Steel wool

After that came the clothes & newspapers for warmth after the fire was started, the chocolate and the whiskey (we figured the whiskey would calm us down), the map as a floor of the shelter and ending with the compass and the gun. For each "correct" answer we got a certain amount of points. The one with the lowest amount of points wins and we had 18 while the 2 groups of guys had 21 & 25. We then saw what the Army instructor's answers were and we were pretty close.

(By the way, none of you went the way of the Army instructor and I'm sure he would've shaken his head dismally at Derek's approach, as entertaining as it was)

The lighter was first even though there was no fluid. It said that just a spark on something like the newspaper or steel wool could start a fire or you could pour the whiskey in the lighter and use it as fuel. The Crisco was next for not only it's use as fuel but you could spread it on your body for warmth (ala Derek) and use the mirrored can lid to signal planes. The steel wool was third for it's use in starting a fire while the clothes & the newspapers were 4th & 5th. Everyone was saying they would drink the whiskey for warmth but the answers actually said that alcohol takes on the temperature of it's environment so drinking that bottle in 30 below zero degree weather would freeze your esophagus and stomach. Ouch.

The thing was, we won the Survival Game but we were also ensconced in a warm, well-lit meeting room and were all of sound mind & body while we were methodically thinking this problem through so sure, we survived on paper. I'm thinking it's more likely that Derek's scenario would be more apt to happen with the stress and the trauma and the freaking out. But it was fun. Thanks to all who played.

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