Saturday, October 29, 2005

Childhood Evidence

Yesterday I started going through some boxes that I left in my trunk when I moved last year. I was looking for my hockey cards and I found an old notebook that belonged to me when I was in 8th or 9th grade. That means Derek was in 5th or 6th. I was flipping through the notebook, laughing at things I had written or drawn when I came upon this note:

Full Note

It's written by Mom (click on the link! She has a new post!!) & Derek. I'm assuming that she was on the phone hence the reason for the note. We used to do that a lot to her - one of her work buddies would call and they'd be on the phone for hours discussing work gossip. When we needed something, we'd write her a note. Like that's any less distracting than asking out loud. Further into the notebook last night I found what must have been the first part of the note. I had said that since Derek used my keyboard all the time, I should get to use his boombox. Mom agreed in writing and Derek replied with he never got to use it. My response was, in all caps mind you, "I WANT TO USE IT NOW!!!" Here's Mom's reply a little bigger and easier to read:

Note: Part 1

Mom: "What do you mean you 'never get to use it?' It's yours - - Don't give me this baloney just because Heather wants to use is (sic) now!"

Note: Part 2

Derek: "Heather always whines and hits me. and even though I say she can't use it, she says, 'I don't care, I'm using it anyway!" Seriously, really...does that sound like me? Whining, hitting my little brother, doing whatever I want? Pfft...

Note: Part 3

Mom: "You brats! Grow up and be nice to each other! NOW" You can tell Mom was fed up with us just by her handwriting. I'm pretty sure I got to use the boombox after that but I figure Derek wasn't happy. And why did he have a boombox and not me? I was the one who always listened to the music. In fact, in that same notebook was a note from my cousin Camille who said, "Heather would go crazy without the radio." and I wrote back "For sure!"

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