Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Things Ginny Said

Sadly, the IHOP Skank did not put in an appearance last night so I have no horrific description of skimpy clothes, fat rolls and/or stretch marks. But all is not lost. Ginny made up for it.

We were all looking for the IHOP Skank as soon as we sat down last night. When we didn't see her, Ginny piped up with, "Business must be good tonight." She's still under the impression that the girl is a hooker while I think she's just a disillusioned chick who thinks she's skinnier and sexier than she really is. A few people trickled in and out of the restaurant while we were there and every time one walked by, we'd all look to see if it was our entertainment for the night. One girl was facing us and Prescilla asked if that was her. I said no and Ginny said, "I can't tell by her face. I'd need to see her ass. I'd recognize all that cellulite."

The best part is, Ginny is a grandma. She looks like this sweet little lady who wouldn't say a bad word about anyone. But she comes up with some great lines that never fail to somewhat stun me. I should be used to it by now.

Hopefully the Skank will show up next week and give me some good blog fodder!


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