Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Update...Now With Kittens!!

You Are A: Kitten!

kitty catCute as can be, kittens are playful, mischevious, and ever-curious. Kittens are often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. These adorable animals are the most popular pets in the United States--37% of American households have at least one cat. Whether it is your gentle purr or your disarming appearance, you make a wonderful kitten.

You were almost a: Puppy or a Lamb
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a MouseWhat Cute Animal Are You?

How cute is that? I was very hapy to be a kitten!!

As for the update...this could very easily become a weekly feature here at The Spam...What Was The IHOP Skank Wearing Tuesday Night??

Yes, folks, she was back and as skanky as ever. Once again, I was the first one to see her as my dinner-mates were busy giving their orders. She was wearing a tight slinky maroon top that was elastic-waisted and pushed up to reveal her roll of fat complete with a thousand angry red stretch marks, a floor length black skirt that was slit up to her waist with a mini-mini skirt underneath. It was the most clothes I've seen her wear yet but it was still too revealing for people who were trying to eat.

She went into the bathroom and I asked Ginny & Prescilla if they had seen her. They hadn't so when she walked out, I whispered, "Here she comes."

Ginny: Who?

Me: The skanky girl.

They both turned and unabashedly stared as she walked by. They both made scrunchy, disapproving faces. They agreed that the belly fat & stretch marks were something she should not share with the public. Then Ginny said, "Did you call her skanky?"

Me: Yes.

Ginny: I haven't heard that word in a long time...skank.

Prescilla: I was wondering what you said...I thought you said 'Spanky Girl.'

Luckily we only saw her the one time and I was able to enjoy the best meal at IHOP I'd ever had!


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