Thursday, October 13, 2005

What I Need...

A couple days ago, Collin did this MEME thing that looked fun so I thought I'd give it a try. You type in (your name) needs in quotes and laugh about what comes up. Here are mine - some are eerily accurate!! Oh, yeah...apparently according to the rules, you have to stop at 5...but I don't follow the rules, baby!!

Heather needs a rest

Heather Needs Two Therapists.

Heather Needs A Childhood

Heather needs a family who will commit to her one hundred percent.

Heather requires a lot of attention...

Heather needs to reserve a date later in the year when the weather is nicer.

(What) Heather needs in order to combat the bull is a "cool cape,"

Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.

Heather Needs Some Play.

Heather Needs Men ...Now!

Heather needs to e-mail Sarah about any dates not to do Habitat for Humanity
due to a conflict with a planned or potential event.

Heather needs your help in determining how much money she will need for gas.

Heather needs a female parent who can help show her appropriate ways to attract
the attention of guys and learn how to choose appropriate partners.

Heather needs to fly on Delta.

Heather needs an acidic soil (soil pH below 6.5), so instead of fertilizer, mix
peat into the soil and use a pine needle mulch.

Heather needs to be congratulated for defending herself from unkindness
and overly high expectations when she was a child.

Heather needs some support.

Heather needs sun and open air circulation.

Heather needs to get ovah it.

Heather needs to stick to her career as an country artist

Heather Needs an Ocicat Fund.

Heather needs help retyping all of our brochure text for use on web pages and
brochure reformatting projects.

Heather needs a variety of intellectual pursuits.

Heather needs to find the right balance between emotions and logic.

Heather needs to learn to Use the Sign Language for the word ?More?.

Heather needs more Senate and Assembly committee information.

Heather needs at least two mommies.

Heather needs to decipher the alien message.

Heather needs help.

Heather needs to raise $3500 to cover her expenses during the 10 days in Toronto.

Heather needs to lose 150 lbs.

Heather needs your help to find Patty's pot of gold.

Heather needs to be rejuvenated.

Heather needs to be kept moist

Heather needs assistants and subcontractors who do their damn jobs so she can
focus on making and performing her work.

Heather needs tickets for Gwen Stefani.

Heather needs to hang on to that boy.

And my personal favorite:

Heather needs the Official Ninja Stamp of approval

My life will finally be complete when I get that approval...until then I can only dream.


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