Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's A Christmas Miracle!!!

I've posted before about Pudding, the stuffed mouse I got when I was in 3rd grade and who became my favorite toy ever. I still have him, his fur matted and missing in places, sitting on my bedside table. What I haven't mentioned is Acorn.

Acorn was a small stuffed squirrel that Mom & Dad bought for me one night on a whim. He immediately became Pudding's best friend. They were always together - if we played with Pudding, we played with Acorn. And then one day, Acorn got put away. I don't know why, I don't know where...I asked Derek once but he had no idea where the little guy had gotten to.

So, flash forward to Saturday afternoon. Collin, the kids & I stopped at Collin's Aunt's flea market to look around. There's always a large bin of stuffed animals for $1. I always comb through them - I love stuffed animals and for $1 you can sometimes find some great bargains. On this trip I found a really cute dog and an expensive-looking pink Russ bear that said on it's tag that it came from the floral dept. But what I found first will from hereon out be known as The Christmas Miracle. [There should be symphonic heartwarming music inserted here.]

I found Acorn!!!

I don't know if it's thee Acorn, if somehow my little guy got given away and somehow ended up in the flea market but there he was!! The only thing that had changed was he had a little orange bracelet around his neck. Maybe he had been in stuffed animal prison and that was the variation on the anklet they slap on prisoners...I don't know...and I didn't care! I was so excited to see Acorn! I freaked out showing him to Collin and his aunt overheard me.

"You just put that in your purse," she told me. "Go ahead, just stick it in your purse right now. He's yours." Oh, I was so happy!! Pudding & Acorn together at last!! Now Pudding has a friend on the bedside table. I hope everyone gets their Christmas Miracle, too!

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