Friday, December 23, 2005

It's That Time Again

Happy Friday!! Mom has a new post - she thinks she knows what she's getting for Christmas! Check it out! And I also still want your opinion on my micro-post from yesterday...

The end of the year: I found this over at Keri's blog. What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2005?

January: Last year I decided to see just how many books I could read in a year. Whoa! Kicking it off with what a book-geek I am!

February: First off, I want to vent a little bit about this mail blogger system. Yeah, the mail thing ended up by the wayside. Now Collin is my Blog poster!

March: I've started walking on my break again at work. I did start. But then I quit. Then I started again...and now with the ice, I've postponed all late night walks.

April: I've mentioned many, many times how I hate spiders, they ook me out big time. Oh, God...I'm getting ooky...

May: "Sweetie, do you want to join the Columbia Record Club?" Nothing like a little Weird Al to jump start the month of May!

June: So...all those photo posts that Derek has done with the horrible pictures of me, Collin, Mom, Dad, Squatchy...he seems to revel in putting those bad pics up for the world to see. Hee hee. I got him good! :-)

July: Jordyn flounced into the living room the other night and said, "Do you know why I love Jim Croce so much?" Greatest sentence ever uttered by a 5 year old.

August: Last week I picked up a CD by a Broadway star named Kristin Chenoweth.
Yes, I did...and I still listen to it regularly!

September: There really should be no surprise here. All righty then. No surprises, remember that!

October: Sunday morning Prescilla & I went on our usual 5:30am jaunt around the lake. See? I told you I started walking again!

November: Sunday Mom & I went to the Broncos/Eagles game. Hell, yeah and we kicked McNabb's butt!! Whooo!!!!

December: Yeah. I got nothin'. But I can't leave my page without something pretty on it so here: I have that problem a lot - nothin' to post. A sad sad state of affairs, I'll tell ya!

So there you are - the first of what I'm sure will be many year-end fun posts to come!!


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