Monday, December 05, 2005

Last Call For Alcohol

When I was in my junior year of high school, my best friend at the time, Rhonda, was a senior and she lived across the street and three houses down. We walked to school every morning. More often than not she would pick me up but that spring, her parents took a trip to Alabama and left her at home. Alone. The first morning that her parents were gone, she called me and said to meet her at her place. So I did. We walked into the kitchen and she had a can of Cherry Coke sitting on the table. She was the kind of person that always had a soda for breakfast, usually Mountain Dew so when I saw the Cherry Coke, I was surprised.

"Want a drink," she asked me.

"Sure!" Never one to turn down a shot of sodee, I took a big-ass swallow of the stuff. And thought I was going to choke. She was laughing her butt off while my throat burned, my eyes watered and I started coughing. What the heck is in that?"

"I dumped out half the Coke and filled it with Amaretto," she explained. Up to that point my entire experience with alcohol had been a couple of parentally supervised wine coolers. This was different. It was GOOD! I took another drink (this one a bit smaller, though) before handing it back to her. We drank it all the way to school.

First period was earth science. I sat in the very back of the room but I was still petrified that Mrs. Stroud was going to smell the Amaretto on my breath. My stomach was hot and churning slightly. But that didn't stop me from going to Rhonda's locker before lunch later and taking one more sip. She actually went home for "lunch" and filled herself up a Coke can of pure Amaretto. She drank it in the smoking area with her buddies and they passed it around.

After I turned 21 and went out anywhere where I could get one, I would get a Cherry Coke and Amaretto. Later I just started having Amaretto Sours. I hadn't had a Coke & Amaretto in a while until Collin's Christmas party Friday night when I had a Diet Coke & Amaretto. It was sooooo yummy. If I were an alcoholic, I'm pretty sure that would be my drink of choice. But only DiSaronno. The Good Stuff!


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