Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rules Of The Road

It's been snowing here since yesterday afternoon. It's cold, too. Today's projected high is 6. Six. That's freakin' FREEZING!! What that means to me is that the snow from Saturday's snowstorm hasn't melted and is being covered up by the new snow. Which makes me nervous driving. I hate driving in snow and ice. Yesterday I was on my way to work - because of construction I've been taking Murray to Fountain to Circle instead of Maizeland to Circle. So I was on Murray going 30...the speed limit* is 35. I figured that with the adverse weather conditions, this was a perfectly acceptable speed. Apparently the guy coming up behind me, though, thought otherwise.

He came screaming up on my tail and sat there practically on my bumper. Normally this makes me do one of two things: a) slow down even more or b) slam hard on my brakes to scare him away. But with the snow I didn't want to play so I stayed where I was. We went through a lit intersection and I caught a glimpse of the tailgater - it was a COP! A policeman who is supposed to uphold the law and be a model for us civilians was crawling up my butt while it was snowing and making the roads slick. That just made me even madder. You'd think of all the people out there driving that a cop would know that that's just NOT ACCEPTABLE! He stayed there until it divided into 2 lanes and he finally got over. He wouldn't look at me, though. I just wanted to tell him that he had no business being that close to me, that's all. Really!

* = the other day I was picking up Collin's son from school and Jordyn was in the back seat. We passed a Speed Limit sign and she piped up, "That sign said that you have to go 25...speed...things." Thanks, Jordyn!

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