Monday, February 20, 2006

The Coolest Chick Ever

Last weekend, Collin & I stopped into the north Best Buy to look around and noticed that in the center of the store they had Guitar Hero set up for people to try out. There were two young boys, maybe 10 or 11, playing. Not very well, either. It was obvious that was their first attempt at being a Guitar Hero. We watched them a while then I finally got my chance...I played Ziggy Stardust and while I didn't wow anyone with my playing, I finished the song and did much better than the younguns. Collin mentioned on our way out that we should take Jordyn & Justin up there so they could play in front of an audience.

So that's what we did. Saturday evening we wandered in there and found the game unattended. Jordyn started off first with Thunder Kiss '65. While she was playing, a woman & her husband walked up, accompanied by their young son, maybe 3 or 4 years old. They were watching her play in awe. Jordyn was doing great, only missing a couple notes here and there. She swung the guitar neck up for double points so fast it was almost a blur! When she wasn't singing along with the words, she had her tongue sticking out in the utmost concentration. The lady looked at her husband and said, "She's singing with it! She's the coolest chick ever!!"

Justin & I each had a couple turns, doing really good but it was Jordyn that brought the crowd. Here was this 6 year old girl playing songs like Smoke On The Water and I Wanna Be Sedated like she was born to.

It was obvious, however, that the employees were not thrilled with our Saturday night excursion. They glared and said loud enough for us to hear that they wished they could put a note on the Playstation that the system would lock up if you played the same songs in a row. At one point, two of them actually brought the manager over as if to have him kick us off the game. The guy told the loser employees to leave us be and get back to work! HaHA!

At the end of it all, Jordyn closed out the show with her Tony Iommi impersonation. The woman and her husband had wandered back over to watch. When she was done, the husband picked up the game and walked off. We had successfully convinced someone to buy the game just by playing it! It was amazing!!

I did go ahead and purchase Franz Ferdinand's 2 CD's, just because I felt that would lessen the heat on us from the glaring employees. When I went to pay, Jordyn told the young girl waiting on me that we rocked at GuitarHero. She replied with, "I think that thing's annoying." Way to encourage the kids, girlie.

I wish we could get her on tape so you could all see Jordyn playing. It's amazing. Watch out, Gary Hoey!

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