Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Ghost Story

Last Monday, my aunt Charlene was admitted into the hospital because of pneumonia and a slipped disk in her back. My Grandma took her in and waited as they settled her into her room. After a while, Grandma asked the nurse of she could see her and the nurse replied, "Yes but only one visitor is allowed in the room so you'll have to wait."

"What do you mean? There was no one else with us."

"There was a man in there with her when I walked out," the nurse told her. Now, this is Dad's side of the family, the creepy side where people see ghosties all the time so Grandma pretty much took this statement in stride.

"Was it a big man or a tall, thin man?"

"He was pretty big." The nurse poked her head into Charlene's room and of course it was devoid of visitors. Charlene said there had never been anyone with her. We figure it was her brother Jim who died 13 years ago, checking up on her.

It's comforting to know that relatives are still there for us, whether we can see them or not!

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